Thursday, 4 August 2016

A sample letter for the Parole Board

You might like to use the sample letter below as the basis for your own letter in support of John's parole appeal. Alternatively, send your message of support for John directly to the NYS Board of Parole online, using this form.

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Tina Stanford, Chairwoman,
New York State Board of Parole,
97 Central Avenue,
Albany, New York 12206,

Dear Ms. Stanford,

I am writing to you in support of the parole release of John MacKenzie, #76A3447, NYSID 0953346H. I am familiar with the facts and circumstances of the crime for which John has now served more than forty years. Although the tragic loss of life is a serious crime, after careful consideration and review of John’s case and his positive adjustment during his incarceration, I feel that John deserves to be given the opportunity to return to the community.

I have followed John’s progress through the many years of his incarceration. Most specifically, I have reviewed his educational programs and the community-sensitive projects to which he has devoted much of his time and effort. John has used his time in prison constructively and effectively. He has become a strong advocate of victims’ rights and he believes in helping victims of crime through the painful healing process. His many years of research and endeavors in this field came to fruition when he established the first and very successful inmate-run Victims’ Awareness Program in a maximum-security prison.

John has reformed and rehabilitated himself and poses no threat to the outside world. He has accepted full responsibility for his actions, has reflected on his past mistakes and expressed deep and sincere remorse for his crime.

I believe that John would be a good and productive citizen if he were returned to society. It is my sincere hope that the Division of Parole will give his parole release every consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my letter.

Yours sincerely,